Topic: Optimum / Maximum Sump Pit Water Level Setting

My sump pit has three drain tile runs discharging into the sump  pump pit.  There is one 3 inch tile installed about 19-1/2 inches (bottom of the tile) below the floor slab and two 4 inch tiles at about 11-1/2 inches (bottom of the tile) below the floor slab.  My present pump water level setting is in the middle of the 3 inch tile (18 inches below the slab).  My pump only operates for about 25 seconds (turn on to turn off).   I'd like to dramatically increase this pump operational time.  It has been suggested that I can raise the water level set point by 7 to 10 inches.  In the reading I've done, I have been unsuccessful at finding a recommendation for a maximum water level in the sump pit before the pump turns on.  Do you have any recommendations?  Should I have any structural concerns about the house (footings, wall, water intrusion) if I increase the maximum water level?

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Re: Optimum / Maximum Sump Pit Water Level Setting

I'm thinking if you were to raise the float high enough, it's possible the water won't flow in as fast or might even seek it's normal level and keep the pump from coming on at all.  That could save a lot of electricity and wear and tear on the pump.

Re: Optimum / Maximum Sump Pit Water Level Setting

I'd agree quite often raising the level closer to the floor level in many cases makes it so the water reaches its level and the pump doesn't run very often for a substantial savings.

But... Having flooded drain tiles also increases the risk of them clogging with earthen debris...

It's a mixed bag that can cost you either way. Flip your coin!