Topic: Buyer Beware!

411 Plumb Forums does not endorse any of the businesses listed in this "Plumbing Company Showcase." 411Plumb Forums accepts no liability for any work that you contract with a company listed in this "Plumbing Company Showcase," all business conducted between you and the company listed is at your own risk.

You as a consumer are responsible for checking that the company you are choosing to do business with is licensed, insured, and operating withing the consumer protection laws of the state in which the work is being performed. The plumber is obligated by law to show you the plumbing license under which he/she operates and in addition most states have an "On-Line License Look Up" where you may check the credentials of the plumber or, company you are doing business with prior to any work being performed.

This is for your own protection! Plumbing is Serious Business!
There are few things in the home that can be more dangerous than poor plumbing!
Gas leaks, flues spilling carbon monoxide, and exposure to health risks from sewage and sewer gases, are just a few of the dangers of bad plumbing. In fact in the last century the plumber was recognized as the single greatest contributor to good health, above and beyond anything medicine had to offer.

Check License Credentials!
Check Insurance Coverage!
Check References!
It's your family, your home, your castle...
Protect it!