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Topic: bathtub and shower drain outside

I went to clean out hair from upstairs bathroom. I got a lot out but I think some went down. The water drained fine and my husband said clear water was draining from a black 1 1/2 inch black pipe below onto the patio. The shower did the same thing.  I used a zip-it tool and a sink drain 20ft flat drain cleaner. I got more out but it still drains onto patio.  Of course they are on their honeymoon so I can't call them. I dont want to use declogger chemicials if it will run on patio close to pool and dog.  How is the plumbing done here? Is it an overflow pipe? I am from Ohio and this is weird.   

I just put down very hot water and ran both shower and tub and closed off overflow bathtub drain and a large hair clog flew out of the pipe to the patio , but it still drains out to patio .

Re: bathtub and shower drain outside

You are right something is weird!

I'm not sure what this pipe is that you are talking about but water should not be draining from it. You obviously have a clogged drain and need someone with the proper equipment and knowledge to clean it.

Can you put a picture up of this pipe so I have some idea of what you are talking about?
Sounds like it's a vent pipe to me...